Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Snugglin' Reagan's 'Kitty Cat' ... because it somehow makes me feel better ...

We're slowly on the mend to everyone being healthy again ... we've definitely had a run for it! And, just because I hold nothing back on here (well, if you really get down to it, in life!) I've been struggling bad this week. I've been so depressed ... like the kind of depressed where you lay in bed with your kids until you HAVE to get out of bed for something, depressed. The boys watch cartoons and we play in our bed ... and they LOVE it (because it's something new to them) ... but it makes me feel like the worst mom in the world. Lifting my head requires more energy than I have these past few days. What the heck is wrong with me?????

I struggle with ADD and my doctor put me on a new medication on Friday. I told him my history with ritatlin and how it was HORRIBLE for me. He said he wanted to try me on Concerta and said the only differences in Adderall and Concerta were how long they lasted. No joke .... within hours of taking the stuff, I had hit rock bottom. I kept taking it through the weekend, bawling the whole time. Called the clinic first thing Monday morning and told them I couldn't take it anymore and the nurse said the doctor would call me back later in the day. I did my research that day on the medication AND it turns out that Concerta is ritalin based! SERIOUSLY?! I was soooooo upset! So, once I get out of this HORRIBLE funk, I will start writing again.  Honestly, I haven't felt like this since we lost our precious baby girl... it's bad. I would really appreciate prayers! Love y'all! :)

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