Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One of those days ...

Today was "one of those days" ... ya know the ones I'm talking about. Little man, Peyton, was up all throughout the night (cutting those fun molars), resulting in mommy being up with him.  When he finally decided to calm down, I went back to bed and slept really well for about 3 hours. I was then awoken to a sweet little voice saying, "Mommy, it's time to wake up. The moon went night-night and the sun is shining!" Yea, I definitely didn't want to get out of bed. So, being the tired mommy I was, I did the big "no no" and let Cam watch cartoons in our bed while I attempted to get some more sleep. I would fall asleep only to be awoken by him playing with my hair (aka - yanking my hair out), rolling on my face, jumping on the bed ... ya know, the normal stuff. Then my cell phone was ringing off the hook. Who would know I was so popular?! ;)

Peyton woke up drenched in pee. I'm not just talking his diaper ... we're talking from the top of his pj's to pretty much the bottom. He wears night time diapers ... the kid obviously has some great functioning kidneys! Praise God!!! So, lucky guy got a morning bath, too! I got him dressed, fed him breakfast, and no sooner did I feed him one bite and he had jelly on his outfit. Smart thinking on my end to dress him FIRST and then feed him. I'm going to blame the no thinking part on lack of sleep ... so just go with me on it! :) Oh well! I had a doctors appointment in an hour so we had to get scottin.

No sooner did I get in the bath when P took a cup (compliments of his brother; it was the big gulp kind) He filled up the whole cup and dumped it on his head.  He was now SOAKED and we had to leave in 15 minutes. After the dumping incident, he was taking anything he could find under my bathroom counter and throwing it in the bathtub, even with me constantly telling him sternly "NO". Yea, the kid's not phased! ;) As I was getting out of the bath, I noticed that the song on the radio was one I had never heard before. It's always on the same station, Air 1 (a christian station), so I was thinking to myself, "Hmm, starting to add in Spanish songs, too, eh?" before I realized my cleaning lady changed the channel the day before while she was here cleaning. I had just gone my whole bath without realizing I was listening to Latino music!!!! Seriously, folks ... the radio was loud. That just goes to show what chaos was going on in my bathroom! ;)

We went to our appointments - one of which they specifically told me NOT to use my GPS because it would get me lost. They said to use their directions so, being the good person that I am, I listened. Man, what was I thinking?!?! My GPS was RIGHT and their directions were SOOOOOOOO off! I love driving circles in the middle of no where! ;) After our appointments, we ran our errands, and made it home without too much mayhem.

When we got home the boys were exhausted and in desparate need of naps. I changed P's diaper and was about to take him to bed when the phone rang.  I let him play on the floor for a minute while I was on the phone. No sooner did I put him down and I could smell the most awful smell ever. I was trying to concentrate on the person on the phone but, y'all, it was just nasty. Cam came running over to me informing me that Peyton had pooped and it was "horrible". Oh goodness. Then there was laundry to do, dishes to be washed, dinner to be made, toys to be picked up, and all the other stuff a mommy does ... but I'm thankful for it all. I'm thankful that I'm ABLE to do it all!

Well, this was my day .... but I'm thankful for it. I'm thankful for healthy kids who drive me crazy. I'm thankful they're healthy to where they CAN drive me crazy! :) We're blessed!

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