Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hello Hospital!

When I say I was panicking, I'm not exaggerating. I was sobbing. I had tried calling everyone and couldn't get ahold of any of them! My friend, Heather, answered her phone and said she would get her boys up and head right on over. Her husband works security forces on base so she was able to get ahold of some of his co-workers and have them track James down. He was doing his morning work out at the base gym when security forces came running in looking all over the place for him. When they finally found him and informed him what was going on, he was out the door. Fortunately, one of James' bosses was at the gym at the same time so he knew exactly what was going on. Heather and James got to the house around the same time .... and, of course, both boys decided to wake up about 10 minutes before hand ... which is completely out of character for both of them. They are never up at 6:10 in the morning! I was trying to get them ready but was terrified of moving too much, scared Reagan would fall out. I know I sound crazy, or maybe I don't ... who knows. I wasn't contracting too bad at this point BUT we were having SUCH a hard pregnancy and NOTHING would surprise me at this point. I decided to just sit down and wait for James to get home. Heather is such an amazing friend. She came in with both of her kids half asleep, in their pjs, and looking so confused. She jumped right into action ... getting the boys dressed, getting their bots, snacks, car seats, etc. We left her with the house keys, kissed the boys, and left. The car ride to the hospital was long ... we got stuck in traffic and it was also an hour away from our house. I was scared ... no, I'm lying ... I was terrified. I was almost positive they would make me go ahead and have her since my water broke again. I just remember holding James hand, not saying a word to each other, but praying the entire way. We didn't have to talk ... I knew he was just as scared as I was.

We got to the hospital and they checked me into a triage room. They didn't want to check me since I was ruptured and the risk of infection was so dangerous. The nurse thought they would probably let me go home on strict bed rest ... so we just waited for hours to hear the doctor tell me I could go home. Then my sweet Dr. V (who wasn't on hospital rotations that week ... he made the drive up just to see us!) came in our room and told us he would feel a lot safer if they kept us in the hospital until Reagan was born. He said he wouldn't be the one to make the final decision, that would be up to Dr. M (the doctor who was on rotations that day), but that he completely trusted her judgement and decisions. Well .... low and behold, she came in about 40 minutes later and said I wasn't going anywhere until Little Ms. Reagan was born. I cried. I knew it was best for Reagan, it just was hard knowing I wouldn't be home with my family and wouldn't be seeing them for days at a time. I am a stay-at-home-mom and we were beyond stressed about who was going to watch the boys. James had some leave saved up but not the 10+ weeks they were saying I would be in the hospital for.  James' leadership wound up being absolutely AMAZING ... we are so incredible blessed with such great leadership!!! They completely worked with James to where he was able to stay home with the boys for nearly 5 weeks. Seriously, ya'll ... we were BLESSED!! :) James had to leave me early to go pick up the boys from Heather. I was scared with him leaving. I've been in the hospital plenty of times by myself ... this time just seemed different.

Okay, bare with me y'all ... I just spent almost 2 hours on the phone with a dear friend and cried for over half of the time. I'm spent. Kell left this morning and it was sad seeing her and Baby R go. I will post again in the morning . Thank y'all for wanting to know Reagan's story. I promise its much better than this! I just hated that I hadn't posted in days so wanted to write something but now I'm fading fast. :( Love y'all!

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